Hello, I am Özgür Yılmazel

I am an Assistant Research Professor at School of Information Studies . I have a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University.

Personal Info

  • nameÖzgür Yılmazel
  • e-mailozgur@yilmazel.com
  • addressAnadolu Üniversitesi, Teknopark 208 Tepebaşı / Eskişehir / Türkiye
  • phone+90 (222) 330-2021

Turkish IR & NLP

Bibliography on Turkish Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing:



    • Syracuse University Electrical Engineering Ph.D.

      Dissertation Topic: "Empirical Selection of NLP-Driven Document Representations for Text Categorization." Advisors: Dr. Can Isik, Dr. Elizabeth Liddy

    • Syracuse University Electrical Engineering M.Sc.

      IGPA: 4.00 "How search engines really work ?"

    • Osmangazi University Electrical Engineering B.Sc.


    • Appointments:
      Present Assistant Research Professor,

      School of Information Studies, Syracuse University

    • 1999
      Present Chief Software Engineer,

      Center for Natural Language Processing, Syracuse University

    • Lead a team of software engineers in various government and commercial projects, in order to build natural language processing (NLP) based information access solutions for clients. Lead the design and implementation of a rule based NLP Information Extraction system, TextTagger™, that many of CNLP's applications depend on. Designed and lead development on various Question Answering, Information Retrieval and Visualization Systems. Implemented software development processes that lead the CNLP to turn research into technology products. Participated in writing grant proposals to government and commercial entities. Oversaw and reviewed technical activities conducted by engineers. Technical writing for internal and external software process documentation. Technical interaction with clients.

    • Recent Projects:

      • Designed and lead development on eQuery Information Extraction, Information access system.
      • Designed and developed LiVIA (Linguistic and Visual Information Access) 2-stage information retrieval system with Natural Language query interface, and visual summarization of results. (livia.equery.org)
      • Designed and lead development on Question Answering Module for a toolkit to provide CRM solutions for Fortune-500 companies.
      • Designed and lead development KAAS: Question Answering system used by Engineering students on collaborative projects.

    • 1998-1999
      Software Engineer,

      Syracuse Language Systems, Syracuse, NY

      Designed and implemented a distance learning infrastructure in a team of engineers. Focused on the networking and data storage aspects while investigating emerging protocols/ specifications like IMS. Worked on design of multi-tier course delivery architecture for language instruction. Implemented Data Services Tier using Oracle database and Rogue Wave Libraries in C++.

    • 1996-1997
      Research Assistant,

      Department of Computer Engineering, Osmangazi University, Eskisehir, Turkey

      Worked on image processing projects both on Unix and MS Windows 95 systems using C++. Used X-windows for Unix platform. Taught courses on programming and Advanced Mathematics.

    • 1993-1995
      Systems Engineer,

      Mikrokom Computer Company, Istanbul, Turkey

      Analyzed and designed installation of LAN's in three hospitals and two supermarket chains. Installed WAN technology for some supermarket chains. Implemented specific software applications for system and network management on multi platform networks.

    • 1993-1995
      Software Engineer,

      Computer Aided Education Unit of Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey

      Worked as a programmer, on a part of a big project that focused on Distant Education. Wrote programs and made decisions in order to meet the goals of an online university supported by the government. Wrote utilities for the product like Toolbox, Help and Functional calculator, which eliminates chopping errors. Implemented security features like restricting access to the operating system from the clients. Worked on Speech Recognition Systems for students with hearing problems.


    • Operating Systems:

      MS Windows 2000, Unix, Solaris, Linux

    • Programming Languages:

      Java, Perl, C++, Php, Visual Basic, Assembly, Pascal

    • Web Technologies:

      Java Servlets, JSP, VB Script, Apache , Tomcat Administration

    • Java:

      RMI, EJB, JDBC, Networking, Multithreading, Socket prg.

    • Special Topics:

      Lucene (text search engine), 3-Tier Object oriented design, Multithreaded programming, OCI, Pro*C/C++, RogueWave DBTools.h and Tools.h Libraries

    • Database:

      MySQL: Administer, use and develop (JDBC and PHP)
      Oracle 8, 8i: Use and develop (OCI, Pro*C/C++, JDBC)
      SQLServer: Administer, use and develop (VB, ADO)

    • Modeling Tools:

      UML/Rational Rose, Jvision, MS Visio

    • Management Tools:

      CVS,Subversion Bugtracking, Microsoft Project, Ant, Maven

    • Visualization Tools:

      I2 Analyst Notebook, The Brain, CrimeLink

    • Engineering:




    • Recent Projects:

      • Open source Information Retrieval - Lucene
      • Evidence Extraction
      • Machine Learning
      • Information Visualization Technologies
      • Text Classification using Natural Language features


    • 2006-2007 Software Engineering Leader, Understanding the Connotative Meaning of Text. Disruptive Technologies Office.
    • 2006-2009 Project Leader, Improving Public Health Grey Literature Access for the Public Health Workforce. National Institute of Medicine.
    • 2005-2006 Project Leader, Phase III LiVIA (Linguistic and Visual Information Access) System, Syracuse Research Corporation
    • 2003-2006 Project Leader . Revolutionary Learning Environment. NASA.
    • 2004-2005 Project Leader, Intelligent Information Retrieval and Extraction using Natural Language Processing Phase - II. Syracuse Research Corp.
    • 2003-2005 Software Engineering Leader, Question Answering capability for intelligent customer relations toolkit. MySentient, Boulder, Co.
    • 2002-2004 Project Leader, MetaTest. NSF. National Science Digital Library Project.
    • 2002-2003 Project Leader, Intelligent Information Retrieval and Extraction using Natural Language Processing. Syracuse Research Corp.
    • 2001-2004 Project Leader, Advanced Capabilities for Evidence Extraction. DARPA.
    • 2001-2003 Software Engineering Leader, Standard Connection: Mapping Educational Objects to Content Standards. NSF-NSDL.
    • 2000-2002 Software Engineering Leader, Breaking the Metadata Generation Bottleneck. NSF-NSDL
    • 2000-2001 Project Leader, Revolutionary Learning Environment. NASA
    • 2000-2001 Software Engineer, Scouting Study of Natural Language Processing for Unilever Corporation.
    • 2000 Software Engineer, Information Retrieval & Information Extraction. BabbleArt.
    • 1999-2000 Project Leader eQuery. In-Q-Tel
    • 1999-2001 Software Engineer/Researcher, Seedling Project for Evidence Extraction and Link Discovery. DARPA.


    • • Lucene: Open source information retrieval library
      • Zemberek: Platform independent text processing library for Turkish. C
      • Weka: Machine learning platform and library
      • LibSVM: Support vector machines implemented in java, also supports one-class classification
      • myObjects: Object relational mapping for php


    • March 2003 i2 The Analyst's Notebook 6 Workshop, Washington D.C.
    • April 2003 Visual Basic . NET , ACM Syracuse,NY


    • Phi Beta Delta - Honor Soc iety for international scholars



    Java Programming:

    • Make your java http client behave as a browser:

      Web servers look for the User Agent header information in the request headers.If you like your java application to be seen as a specific browser by the web server you need to set the correct User Agent header information.

    • Internet Explorer:
      java.net.URL url = new java.net.URL(
      "https://www.google.com" );
      java.net.URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();
      conn.setRequestProperty("User-Agent","Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;
      MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)");
    • Firefox:
      java.net.URL url = new java.net.URL(
      "https://www.google.com" );
      java.net.URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();
      conn.setRequestProperty("Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.10)
      Gecko/20050716 Firefox/1.0.6");